In an excellent location, with the convenience of downtown and the charm of the neighborhood of San Telmo to go out.

A neighborhood with a unique style that defines the city of Buenos Aires, cobbled streets, tango music, myths and history of bowling and diversity of activities.


As part of all this, the Posada de la Luna offers the experience of staying in an old house designated as Heritage of the City.

This family residence, which belonged to an old patrician family, is now a guest house with all the comforts, conveniences and amenities.

We recycled the original features of the house, with the master bedroom in our room "Luz de Luna", the hall gatherings, with the unique piano and balconies to street Peru, is now our multipurpose room.

The mythical indoor gardens, meeting places in colonial life, today they are reading and relaxing sites for travelers framed by a variety of fresh ferns and tropical plants, lending libraries with books in many different languages, wooden benches and sun.

The bottom terrace is now a green space outside, a privilege in the city center, with perfume of flowers, vines, and the prestigious creole barbecue or grill.

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tel : (54) (11) 4343 0911
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lign="center" valign="middle">San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tel : (54) (11) 4343 0911
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